Forensic Animation and Analysis

Trial-tested experts in digital video enhancement, forensic animation, and photogrammetry/lidar scanning of accident scenes.

Recent cases have resulted jury verdicts or settlements worth over $40 million.

What we can do for you

Forensic Visual has been working since 2003, bringing 3D visualizations and forensic analysis of accident cases to courtrooms, official government reports, and even Discovery Channel (Failure Analysis).  We have developed innovative approaches to presenting evidence to juries using a multi-disciplinary approach.

3D Forensic Animation for Trials

Any successful attorney in 2021 knows that juries retain more facts through visual presentations than simple testimony.  Pictures are worth a thousand words. Accurate 3D visualizations of an accident are worth millions.  At Forensic Visual our specialties are vehicle accidents, explosions, and the re-creation of nighttime accident scenes using photoreal, photometric lighting.  Call or email for a quote.

Advanced Video Enhancement

We look at videos the way a radiologist looks at x-rays; digging deeply into the “blurry stuff” to reveal what really happened.

With over 20 years experience analyzing digital media, we’ve developed the ability at our video lab to retrieve evidence from CCTV/Surveillance footage, body cams and cellphone video that others often can’t.

If you have a case where being able to get clarity on a snippet of video evidence would make all the difference, by all means give us a call. 

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Photogrammetry & Lidar Scanning of Accident Scenes

We have a team that excels in both lidar scanning and photogrammetry capture of accident scenes.  We also analyze, decimate and convert the massively large point clouds that accompany photogrammetry and lidar scans.

As any forensic engineer knows, the quality of the initial forensic scan and the handling of the point cloud data are critically important to getting accurate results in their research and analysis.

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