Forensic video enhancement

what is forensic video enhancement?

We’ve lost count the number of times clients have sent us video clips from CCTV, body-cam, or dash-cam footage where the final result had them exclaiming, “No one saw that! How in the world did you get those details?”  We have developed tools and techniques, over decades of doing video analysis, to dig out evidence in those pixels that you simply can’t see playing it back on your computer monitor or even doing simple enhancements.

We worked on a $100 million case for CSX railroad where the allegation was that a passing train had caused a fire on the shoulder of a road.  Grainy video footage existed from the train passing.  We performed pixel level analysis of dozens of frames of very grainy video to show what the plaintiff said was simply a flower blowing in the wind was not a flower but more likely smoke from the fire already smoldering before the train passed. The case was settled but CSX was “extremely pleased” with the settlement. 

We do not charge for our initial consultation on video evidence.