Forensic Animation

Consider 3D animation as part of your next accident case.  As juries become younger and more technologically savvy, 3D can be an effective tool for presentation.  And as more judges allow 3D animations to be shown at trial, we’ve learned in our own testimony and depositions, that it helps to have an experienced, qualified forensic animator – one dedicated to accuracy – creating your visual 3D evidence.

Robert Newton was the senior forensic 3D animator for the U.S. Chemical Safety Board in Washington between 2003 and 2008. In that position he and Forensic Visual partner, Jeff Danner, PhD, helped the CSB create animations and videos of some of the most significant industrial accidents in U.S. history.   

Our current 3D specialties are industrial accidents and vehicle injury cases, specifically the recreation of photoreal nighttime accident scenes using photometric lighting to accurately reproduce prior lighting conditions. We also have extensive experience doing medical animations for surgeons and also television shows.

Below are individual samples of some of our cases over the last few years.

Samples of Cases